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Firestarter Business Development Course

Better Business Development

Get better at selling with the Firestarter 'Better Business Development' course, complete with 1:1 tailored sessions and advice from experienced business consultants. Group sessions and 5 dedicated modules will equip you with everything you need to improve your sales performance.

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Who is this course for?

Ideal for business owners or senior leaders, anyone in a sales, account management or customer relationship role or managers with team members requiring training for core sales skills, this business development course covers the fundamental skills and sales processes needed to become better at selling.

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Better Business Development - The Modules


Really making pain-point selling work for you

People buy because they have a need, a pain – you have to always start here. This is the secret to empathy and persuasion. We start by focusing on the simple steps of identifying common pain-points and then building a whole sales approach around them.


Account Development Planning – A structured approach

The actions you proactively take will directly influence the outcomes of your account management planning and financial results – but you need a practical and structured method for achieving this. We will create a bespoke account management process that is fit for purpose for each setting, then embed rhythm and rigour around actually ‘doing it’ every day.


Managing your ‘sales meetings’ effectively

Understanding the principle of ‘the golden hour’ and knowing when it is ‘your moment’ is key to ensuring you control and run your conversations to get maximum returns. We will run through several meeting scenarios and establish a ‘muscle memory’ best practice approach to ensure that you recognise key signals and get the best results every time.

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One step at a time


Real-life pipeline management

People often have a tendency to make this too complicated and/or do not embed discipline that drives sales results. We will introduce a method of ‘zonal’ pipeline management, and help you to understand how to use it in order to manage prospects through your pipeline effectively and drive sales conversions.


Building a perfect sales toolkit

Rarely do sales people have all the tools they need to do their job effectively, but in reality what you really need is quite simple. We will help you build an ’emergency’ sales tool kit and a ‘go forward’ sales toolkit, clearly explaining and helping you to understand the difference between actually selling and getting ready to sell – a trap that many sales people often fall into.

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How the Academy courses work

Each Firestarter Academy course runs over 5 modules, featuring group sessions with 6-10 people in each cohort and a 1:1 session for each delegate. We provide all course materials and you will have direct and ongoing access to your course tutor throughout the programme to support with exercises and questions.

The courses are specifically designed with small cohorts so that we can focus on practical and implementable learning, with NDAs established with all parties at the outset to encourage open conversation and sharing of real and relevant examples, not just theoretical and forgettable classroom content.

Each module consists of a structured 90-minute online session, with core content delivered to set an ethos and best practice for each subject. With a 50:50 ratio of lecture and practical activity, we encourage breakouts in each module, with small group sessions to drive learning, experimentation and confidence.

All modules are designed to focus on ‘real-life’ scenarios, with exercises that delegates can take away to implement in their day-to-day business lives. We also ensure that the module content is connected to individual 1:1 requirements, and provide in-module mentoring to assist with personal development.

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What do you get from our courses?

  • 5 in-depth modules over 5 weeks, a combination of group training and 1:1 sessions with all course materials provided.
  • Copies of our proven Business Development Tools & Templates to use in your business.
  • Real-life training, using a combination of lecture and practical activities with tailored content that’s easy to understand and relevant to your business.
  • A best practice approach to delivering results, with tried and tested tools and processes developed from many years’ experience.
  • The opportunity to interact with peers and experts, with small group sessions designed to drive learning, experimentation and confidence.
  • A clear sense of progress and achievement, with empowering and practical sales strategies that you can implement immediately in your day to day life.