Add some horsepower to your business

How We Work

The Firestarter Programme guarantees progress for your business

There are three central components to our approach: we always start by asking what has to happen to create more sales, then we focus on removing dependency on leaders and finally, we get 'stuck in' to plug in the necessary resource and make things happen.

What we do

Our intervention is usually a blend of these 5 processes:

Each client will require a personalised blend of services to deliver their sales and growth objectives.

  • Senior Grip

    Senior “grip” letting us take the strain of driving sales strategy forwards!

  • A Sellable Proposition

    Sorting out “proposition” and “routes to market” so “more stuff” can be sold to “more people” by “more people”!

  • Doing the Doing

    Actually “doing the doing” plugging in resource to make sure that activity happens week in, week out!

  • Sales Effectiveness

    Getting you and your teams “better at selling” improving the methodology/ sales processes so there is a best is class way of selling!

  • Next Generation Team

    Building the team of tomorrow working across the organisation to drive anext generation sales andoperations structure!

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We begin by understanding your key challenges, barriers to progress, then working out what needs to happen to make your business 'sell more' and achieve your goals.


We kick off a rapid programme to integrate with your team, build an action plan and develop proof of concepts for change with clear, tangible actions and initiatives that drive action and results.


We build on the initial activities and drive momentum by adding horsepower to your business with our own team of specialists, helping you to implement processes and actions that drive rhythm and rigour.


Our ultimate goal with any Firestarter programme is to guarantee progress and momentum by helping business leaders reach a point where they feel comfortable managing, sustaining and continuing initial progress on their own.


As our working relationship develops beyond the initial term, Firestarter programmes focus on providing leadership support to take your business to the next level and developing longer term strategies to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.