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Case Study

Transforming a business proposition at Caplor Energy

Caplor Energy are a provider of renewable energy solutions for homes and businesses across the UK, including Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Heat Pumps, energy storage and electric vehicle charging.

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The Challenge

Originally only supplying domestic users, Caplor Energy were struggling to maintain performance targets following changes to the Government Incentive Schemes

Gareth Williams, Caplor Farm

They enlisted Firestarter to reposition their product offering to diversify their business and drive growth in the commercial arena.

Following in-depth analysis of Caplor’s business model and capability matrix, we helped them transition their brand and product offering into a more commercially minded proposition. This required a substantial change of direction and engagement from the team, with everyone undergoing a period of re-training to learn the skills required to transition from one market sector to another.


The Solution

We worked on a new marketing strategy and campaign plan, including a redesigned website for the corporate market, sales & marketing toolkit and lead generation programme. This process involved a major culture change for every team member from top to bottom, and also included the recruitment of new team members to help deliver the new strategy. To measure the success of this change, we introduced and deployed new forecasting and business planning tools, sales processes and reporting methodologies. The senior management team underwent a transformation in their strategic thinking by not being limited by their location and their history, broadening their offering to a wider audience and professionalising their proposition to add revenue and profit to the bottom line with a more sustainable business model.

The Result

We originally engaged Firestarter for lead generation, but we now have consultancy input on all aspects of our sales process. In the last 12 months, we have changed our sales model and increased our overall revenue as a direct result of the Firestarter work, providing us with a more profitable and sustainable business model for the future.

Gareth Williams, Managing Director, Caplor Energy Ltd.