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2021 - The best plan we can

This Firestarter forumPLUS session concentrates on tools and techniques for building a speedy, agile business plan that will get you into the best possible shape for the first 3 months of 2021.

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This forumPLUS session concentrates on building a speedy, agile plan that will get you into the best possible shape for the first 3 months of 2021.

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Start Date:
November 19, 2020
11:30 am - 1:00 pm
90 minutes
Online via Zoom
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  • 2021 – The best plan we can

What is Firestarter ForumPLUS

None of us could predict the challenges that the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 would bring.  And very few anticipated that not only would the virus still be disrupting our lives (and businesses) as we approach 2021, but also that we would still have a sense that a return to “normality” was likely to be many many months away.

At Firestarter we remain committed to supporting our clients, network and all those who can benefit from not only the lessons we have learnt over several years but also those that we continue to learn though our great community.

As a result, we have created a range of “now-appropriate” inexpensive solutions, based on demand created through the Firestarter Forum community to help business owners and leaders execute organised, clear activities to drive short term progress.

Launching Firestarter ForumPLUS

What we will cover

21 Today – The Best Plan We Can

Speedy, agile plan-making to get us in the best possible shape for the first 3 months of 2021


Key Stages:

  1. Re-orientate (again)
  2. Articulate clear goals for the first 3 months of 2021 (link these where possible to long-term vision – and remind ourselves of what our long-term vision is).
  3. Be really clear on financial objectives for Q1.
  4. Be really clear on activity focus for Q1 – where are you going to spend your time, what are you going to do week to week, day to day.
  5. How to get your team to support this plan – everyone playing their part.
  6. Sticking to the plan (if it’s working), amending it (if not).

How the Academy courses work

Each Firestarter Academy course runs over 5 modules, and is based on group sessions with 6 people in each cohort, and a 1:1 session for each delegate (1 hour). We provide all course materials and you will have direct and ongoing access to your course tutor throughout the programme to support with exercises and questions.

The courses are specifically designed with small cohorts so that we can focus on practical and implementable learning, to encourage open conversation and sharing of real and relevant examples, not just theoretical and forgettable classroom content.

Each module consists of a structured 90-minute online session, with core content delivered to set an ethos and best practice for each subject. With a 50:50 ratio of lecture and practical activity, we encourage breakouts in each module, with small group sessions to drive learning, experimentation and confidence.

All modules are designed to focus on ‘real life’ scenarios, with exercises that delegates can take away to implement in their day to day business lives. We also ensure that the module content is connected to individual 1:1 requirements, and provide in-module mentoring to assist with personal development.

What do you get from our courses?

  • 5 in-depth modules in a group training format, and a 1:1 session with all course materials provided.
  • Real-life training, using a combination of lecture and practical activities with tailored content that’s easy to understand and relevant to your business.
  • best practice approach to delivering results, with tried and tested tools and processes developed from many years experience.
  • The opportunity to interact with peers and experts, with small group sessions designed to drive learning, experimentation and confidence.
  • A clear sense of progress and achievement, with empowering and practical sales strategies that you can implement immediately in your day to day life.