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What do top sales people do to get deals over the line?

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I’ve asked my network of top sales people to share their tips on closing sales deals, but having observed thousands of great (and less great) sales people in action, my instant thoughts are:


Top sales people follow a well structured sales process

Great sales people always have really well balanced pipelines with a combination of opportunities at all the different stages of (what they have worked out to be) their well-structured sales process. They understand their numbers, their ratios and the fact that selling is a continuum – at every moment they need to be managing the pipeline in its entirety. They are just managing prospects along the “flow”.  It is like air-traffic control landing planes.

Never miss an opportunity

Great salespeople understand the difference between the stage of a deal and the warmth of a deal. If something is “hot” a good salesperson will be all over it – it is like “whack-a-mole”; see it, hit it! They never miss an opportunity to capitalise on a deal that is staring them in the face.

Get some practical tools to help you quickly grip your business development missionCreate excuses to talk

Great salespeople create constant excuses to talk to their key prospects – they rarely find themselves in a situation where their calls are no being taken/emails responded to and thrive on dealing with objections. They are not afraid to push for a close at the right moment, stay tenacious and persistent.  They know it’s a numbers game and they know that fortune favours the brave.

I’m looking forward to the thoughts of everyone in my network.  Find the thread in my LinkedIn feed or comment here.

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