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Your marketing manager just left? Don't Panic, help's here to transform your marketing!

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Imagine the scene as you contemplate your marketing manager’s sudden resignation. As MD, you’ve a problem. Suddenly, as well as your busy day-to-day, you’re trying to pick up where they were with your marketing. You’ll need to find a replacement too. It feels like disaster, but it could be the event that transforms your marketing forever – especially with a ‘marketing department in a box’…

Whether your colleague works their notice or not, you’re quickly into damage limitation, identifying priorities and reallocating tasks. And, of course, deciding what goes on the back-burner and what must be progressed regardless of organisational impact.

The uncertainty of recruitment

You’ll be liaising with HR too, to start recruiting a successor. That won’t be easy because the market’s so competitive. Besides, your brief is demanding. It’ll be a long haul and ultimately, with the best will in the world, you risk a bad-hire. That’s another worry added to the uncertainty of recruitment and the impact on your marketing until you appoint someone.

Meanwhile, you’ll manage with a skeleton marketing team. That’ll probably be you, your marketing assistant and any hired temps – though they won’t add much long-term value to your team. Your marketing assistant is talented, but she doesn’t have your departing colleague’s strategy head…

You remind yourself that you’ll get by. You’ll knuckle down until recruiting’s complete. Then comes induction, followed by months while your new hire finds their feet. Eventually you’ll be back where you were…

Another view of the challenge

There’s another way to view the challenge. Every business faces disruption from external forces or departure of key people. Increasingly, as with HR and IT, outsourced marketing is proving helpful – and not just in crises.

Outsourced marketing means bringing in an external team to progress your current and planned marketing. It could be one person, or a whole team. You decide.

With the right outsourcing partner, you’ll be surprised how quickly your marketing can be brought back under control. With that comes thinking and planning time for recruitment. Depending on notice arrangements, your leaver may even be able to hand over to your outsourced marketers before going.

A clear trend to outsourcing

A Google search reveals plenty on outsourced marketing. Despite beliefs that keeping marketing internal means greater efficiency, there’s a clear trend for outsourcing business activities. This usually means ‘context’ activities such as PR or marketing, rather than core tasks. It’s more than just a passing fad. It’s a paradigm shift that enlightened companies increasingly embrace. Why wouldn’t you, when the benefits are so clear?

More than just maintaining momentum
Outsourcing’s appeal isn’t restricted to maintaining marketing momentum after sudden resignations. Other benefits include these:

  • Getting marketing strategy and implementation skills that aren’t available in-house.
  • Benefit from fresh marketing perspectives on your business.
  • Harness the experience of outsourced teams to find correct solutions for immediate marketing needs.
  • Keep critical projects on schedule.
  • Access cutting-edge marketing when needed, without overhead when it isn’t.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. You’ve got recruitment to think about…

Outsource while you recruit like-for-like

In this scenario, you use outsourced marketing to cover while recruiting your way back to the position you were originally in – as a short-term fix while recruiting like-for-like. You’ll buy time to make a better decision and reduce disruption of ongoing marketing. What’s more, with the right partner, you could also get strategic input needed for future planning. You might even find an outsourced marketing company linked to a specialist recruiter – and cure two headaches at once. Meanwhile, the rest of your team focuses on their core activities.

This may be enough to maintain the status quo, but another possibility leverages outsourced marketing much more powerfully. Here’s what really enlightened SMEs do…

Time to redefine your recruitment needs

Having bought vital time, you might decide that, rather than recruit like-for-like, you’ll take the opportunity to redefine the role. Faced with emergency recruitment, the chances of thinking this through properly, let alone finding the perfect candidate, are slim. However, with an outsourced marketing organisation in place at a fraction of a full-time employee’s cost, you can.

You’ll also give yourself priceless breathing space to really think about what your business needs and make the right decisions for future success. Who knows, your outsourced partner may even be able to help you define the ideal role. Perhaps that resignation was really a blessing in disguise.

You could outsource all your marketing

There’s a third way too. With this, while kicking out the existing marketing paradigm, some really innovative stuff becomes possible. Imagine completely outsourcing your marketing, forgetting ideas of a new permanent employee and avoiding the costs of recruitment on management time.

Recall the pain we discussed earlier and outsourcing’s benefits. Now imagine meeting all your annual marketing needs for the cost of a junior marketer. And entrusting all your marketing to one resource that takes responsibility for your marketing function. Not a traditional company-agency relationship, but a complete marketing operation deploying the most appropriate, cutting-edge people and marketing tools.

Only buy marketing services as needed

Because you’ll only buy marketing as required, it’s easy to scale activity to match planned or emerging developments. You only pay for services you need, when you need them.

Suddenly, you improve your focus on core activities and your people play to their strengths more. Meanwhile, your outsourcing partner handles strategy, support and deliverables. And as they do, you know you’re getting exactly what’s required for each task, based on what’s needed to meet your objectives. Not just what your team’s skills restrict them to.

Transform your marketing for ever

Now factor-in reduced overhead and access to the broadest pool of expertise. You have three ways that outsourced marketing services can take the sting from that sudden resignation. And minimise disruption of your marketing.

Best of all, imagine transforming your marketing forever. And getting the latest and best of everything from strategy and social media to email campaigns.

All on a convenient pay-as-you-go basis. And all for the annual cost of a salaried full-time marketer.

At Firestarter, we consult daily with businesses like yours to ignite and sustain their sales growth. Our business growth consultancy is second to none, with over 25 years industry experience, and a diverse portfolio of clients that span throughout the UK. Get in touch with us today – we’d love to hear from you.

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