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Reducing the burden on business leaders

The 'day to day' is relentless for today's business owners and leaders, who are often too busy to focus on the keys to success. At Firestarter, we get stuck in and make things happen to reduce the burden on leaders.

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What We Do

Firestarter works across a broad range of clients to drive sales performance improvement, growth initiatives, change management, organisational development and the removal of dependency on key individuals.

Our focus lies in getting businesses selling more of whatever it is they sell by strengthen your teams with the necessary people, skills and tools to achieve success.

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Putting Firestarter to work in your business adds rhythm and rigour to your progression. Take a look at some of the services we provide:

Who we work with

Since we started our Firestarter journey 8 years ago now, we’ve worked with over 80 businesses, who broadly fall into two categories.

  • The first type is the “large” corporates who already have established, sizeable sales teams but want to drive a new direction, break a new market or inspire a next generation of leaders.
  • For the second type of client, those in the SME market-place, the journey tends to be a much more personal one for business owners/leaders who all experience the same kind of challenges.

Whether your challenges are driven by internal pressures, a lack of resources or skills, or even external market forces, you can rest assured that you are not alone. Business leaders and managers across the UK are facing the same challenges every day, such as:

  1. The business is stable, but just can’t get to the next level
  2. Dependency on a small number of key people is too high
  3. New energy and focus is needed to drive growth
  4. Sales efforts are ad-hoc, other issues are too distracting
  5. The current team are too busy to focus on new initiatives
  6. Lots of great ideas, but no resource or expertise to execute properly
  7. Business leaders are stuck in ‘day to day’ management
  8. There are no clear business processes to drive decision-making
  9. The team structure isn’t positioned for the future
  10. We need some top-level leadership, but just can’t afford it
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