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The Firestarter Academy

Building your pathway to better business growth

We are delighted to provide a range of bespoke training courses in partnership with The Landscape Institute. Exclusive for Landscape Institute these courses are designed to help you win more business, create the necessary building blocks for growth and build winning teams. This initiative is a key pillar in the support that The Landscape Institute is providing for all members, from small practices, to teams within large organisations and local authorities, helping you to build your pathway to better business growth.

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What keeps you awake at night?

Running a landscape practice is a business just like any other, with common issues and challenges to face every day. With this in mind, we have developed three bespoke and exclusively priced training courses in partnership with The Landscape Institute. These courses are only available at these prices to Landscape Institute members and are specifically designed to help you grow and develop your business. Book a place on your preferred courses here.

Better Business Development- Starting 10th November 2021


Practical Business Planning- Starting 15th November 2021


Practical Business Planning December Bootcamp - 11:00am


Bitesize courses

Learn key skills in quick bitesize chunks

Many people have benefited from our Firestarter Academy training courses and the valuable content we provide, but we also recognise that 5 weeks can be a big commitment for some people. Therefore, we are delighted to provide a range of bitesize training courses that focus on individual elements contained within our full course programmes to help you win more business, create the necessary building blocks for growth and build winning teams in just 45 minute sessions.

Learn more about our Bitesize Courses
Firestarter Academy Bitesize Courses

What are your challenges?

In our experience, there are a range of common problems faced by every small business leader in all industries – here are just a few that you will no doubt recognise in your own business.

Together with The Landscape Institute, we have developed the ‘pathway to better business growth’ designed to provide you with our insight, experience, support and tools to help you overcome your challenges and achieve success.

  • The business is stable, established but plateaued – it needs a leg up to the next level
  • Dependency on 1 or 2 key people is very high – delegation routes limited
  • Selling always falls to the business leaders even though they would rather focus elsewhere
  • Sales efforts are ad-hoc, not systemised – other issues distract from sales focus
  • Business process and analytics are not properly leveraged to drive growth decisions
  • Building an alternative “selling engine” in the business has been unsuccessful to date
  • New energy and focus is needed to drive growth but unlikely to come from within
  • The business could benefit from ‘big hitters’, but that’s too expensive
  • There are lots of good growth ideas, but no resource or expertise to test them properly
  • General organisational shape is stale – not positioned for the future
  • There’s generally a lack of “clean lines” across the business – lots could be straightened up
  • Ultimately the goal may be ‘exit’, to sell the business, but it’s nowhere near ready

Training Courses

Exclusive courses for Landscape Institute members

If you are unable to attend the dates shown, click on each course below to view alternative dates available

Better Business Development- Starting 10th November 2021

Learn how to become better at selling with our Better Business Development course from the Firestarter Academy. This course covers the fundamental skills and sales processes needed to improve sales performance and win more business.
10 Nov 21 @ 11:00
10hrs over 5 weeks
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Practical Business Planning- Starting 15th November 2021

When you are running or building a business, you need to grip your strategic thinking and turn it into a meaningful, executable business plan. Learn how to do this and more with tried and tested techniques and tools on our Practical Business Planning course.
15 Nov 21 @ 16:00
10hrs over 5 weeks
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Practical Business Planning December Bootcamp - 11:00am

When you are running or building a business, you need to grip your strategic thinking and turn it into a meaningful, executable business plan. Get the new year off to a flying start with this intensive Bootcamp version of our Practical Business Planning course that will give you all the tools and techniques you need to build your pathway to growth.
06 Dec 21 @ 11:00
10 hrs over 10 days
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  • I’ve been working with Firestarter for a while now, they have really helped my business grow, both through their excellent forums and their academy training courses. Highly recommended.

    Richard Clarke, Secret Source (Gran Canaria)

  • Better Business Development was a really excellent course, great practical application presented in an easy to understand & good humoured way. I will definitely be making changes to my sales process and approach as a result of this training course. Thank you.

    Joseph Hirst, Sozo Design (Cheltenham)

  • I was looking for a non “shiny” suit sales training for my team and Firestarter was recommended by a contact. They completely fitted the bill. I have signed up 3 members of the team and I am looking to explore further training with the Firestarter Academy in the future.

    Tim Clegg, Geosense (Suffolk)

  • Thank you for delivering empowering practical sales strategies that I have neglected in recent times. I have had a good deal of sales training over the years but this has been on a different level in the way you have brought all the elements together. Amazingly in just 5 x 1.5 hr academy sessions you have managed to provide a sales bible for life, very much quality over quantity.

    Aiden Gunner, Action Coach (Manchester)

  • Firestarter provide very insightful and practical advice on how to grow my business. I like their no nonsense approach. They gave us much greater clarity and purpose to our sales process. Their seminars are also very useful indeed. I would strongly recommend their consultancy services to any business wanting to scale up or create a clearer overall strategy for growth.

    Shaun Uthup, Sozo Design (Cheltenham)

  • The idea and introduction of the Firestarter Forums was inspired. They have enabled me and a whole host of companies in the Firestarter community to look forward, share experiences and positively plan for growth where we can. As a result I’ve connected with many other business leaders going through similar turmoil yet the Forums have enabled us to pivot, progress and prosper.

    Thank you Firestarter!

    Paul Phedon, Gung Ho Communications (Birmingham)

  • From initial dealings with the Team at Firestarter, the experience has been most professional. They come prepared, deliver what they say they will deliver, and even more. Very well versed in sales growth & always providing us with challenges to do better, which is just what is expected of a business growth consultancy. Well done.

    Kieran Linehan, Ayrton Group (Dublin)

  • It was easy working with Firestarter. It was as if a huge weight had been lifted; we could work on our business, knowing that the Firestarter team was doing what had to be done to deliver our business strategy.

    Simon Bird, BK Group (Marlborough)

  • Firestarter are not just traditional business consultants, they are very much a part of our team. They are fully integrated into what we do, providing valuable leadership and management consultancy to implement new sales and operational processes to proactively drive our business forward.

    Gareth Williams, Caplor Energy (Hereford)

  • Firestarter are now my virtual coaches – they’ve lived this life and experienced the pain before, so they know what to do. The key part for me is trust and responsiveness – I’d been running at breakneck speed, but when I hit the pause button and was able to focus, Firestarter were there. And now we’re getting the results we need.

    Miles McNamee, Highwire Press (Brighton)

  • The Firestarter team have brought real rigour and methodology to our business development, which has had an excellent effect. Without Firestarter we would have been 24-36 months behind our business growth plan.

    Jane Findlay, Fira Landscape Architects (Birmingham)

  • Firestarter has taught us how to work on our business, rather than in our business. They have given us instant access to skills and experience that we didn’t have before and an improved focus which has increased our sales performance.

    Elaine Lewis, Cadventure Ltd (London)

  • The experience has been quite remarkable. Rather than telling us what we should be trying to achieve, they actually do it for us – working very closely with us and getting results quickly.

    Paul Baker, IFS (UK) Ltd (Stroud)

How the Academy courses work

Each Firestarter Academy course runs over 5 modules, and is based on group sessions with 6 people in each cohort, and a 1:1 session for each delegate (1 hour). We provide all course materials and you will have direct and ongoing access to your course tutor throughout the programme to support with exercises and questions.

The courses are specifically designed with small cohorts so that we can focus on practical and implementable learning, to encourage open conversation and sharing of real and relevant examples, not just theoretical and forgettable classroom content.

Each module consists of a structured 90-minute online session, with core content delivered to set an ethos and best practice for each subject. With a 50:50 ratio of lecture and practical activity, we encourage breakouts in each module, with small group sessions to drive learning, experimentation and confidence.

All modules are designed to focus on ‘real life’ scenarios, with exercises that delegates can take away to implement in their day to day business lives. We also ensure that the module content is connected to individual 1:1 requirements, and provide in-module mentoring to assist with personal development.

What do you get from our courses?

  • 5 in-depth modules in a group training format, and a 1:1 session with all course materials provided.
  • Real-life training, using a combination of lecture and practical activities with tailored content that’s easy to understand and relevant to your business.
  • best practice approach to delivering results, with tried and tested tools and processes developed from many years experience.
  • The opportunity to interact with peers and experts, with small group sessions designed to drive learning, experimentation and confidence.
  • A clear sense of progress and achievement, with empowering and practical sales strategies that you can implement immediately in your day to day life.