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The horsepower of sales performance

The 'day to day' is relentless for today's business owners and leaders, who are often too busy to focus on the keys to success.

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At Firestarter, we get businesses selling more - simple. We get ‘stuck in’ and make things happen to reduce the burden on leaders.

By strengthening your teams and sales initiatives with the necessary people, skills and sales tools, we help you to achieve more sales. But we’re not just talk – putting us to work in your business adds rhythm and rigour to your activities – guaranteeing progress.

Firestarter really does provide the horsepower to your sales performance.

Jude Beck

The key steps to sales success

From understanding your buyers and their needs at the beginning to successfully closing the deal and ensuring customer satisfaction at the end of the sales process,

there are a number of key steps and issues to address at each stage to get your sales engine firing on all cylinders. At Firestarter, we provide the insight, experience, support and tools to help you achieve success with:

  • A structured sales process
  • Improved sales performance tools
  • Sales management tactics
  • Accurate forecasting and pipeline management
  • Effective sales recruitment and onboarding
  • Essential sales toolkit production
  • Identifying and handling sales objections
  • Closing more deals

Focus on rhythm and rigour to guarantee progress

It is important to remember that selling is a continuum and at every moment you have to have the discipline to focus on weekly ‘inputs’ to drive consistency.

This rhythm and rigour should apply to everyone responsible for sales in your business, which is where Firestarter really adds value. We help you work out the right things to do at each stage of the sales process to ensure you get the outputs you need, then drive momentum with the focus and discipline to deliver consistent actions every day, week and month to achieve significant sales results.