Bespoke sales training

Ignite your sales team with our bespoke sales training

Practical, focused bespoke sales training, designed to give your team essential sales, marketing and leadership skills, bespoke to your business. Our tailored training programmes drive growth and ignite sales excellence within your organisation.

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Bespoke sales training for SME, large corporates, and individuals

At Firestarter, we’ve been helping businesses to unlock potential in their teams and sell more of whatever it is they sell since 2012. We work with businesses and individuals of all shapes and sizes in many different industries, from large multi-national corporate organisations to growing SMEs and also individuals. Our bespoke B2B sales training, coaching and mentoring programmes are designed with your specific business objectives in mind and tailored to your needs.


Whether you have an existing sales team or are looking to develop a structured business development function in your SME business, our bespoke sales training equips your business with personalised strategies, skills and sales processes that are essential for driving effective sales performance in competitive markets. An SME training programme with Firestarter will elevate your sales potential, ensuring consistent business growth.


For large organisations with established sales teams, often with hundreds or thousands of sales people across multiple markets & geographic areas, we focus on longer term sales training programmes to drive consistent performance improvement across an entire team. Our corporate sales training solutions focus on many different elements from gripping a sales strategy to implementing systems & processes, sales skills & sales leadership training, team engagement & more.


Continuous self-improvement is essential in any professional role, and sales is no different so we work with many individuals who are looking for individual sales training programmes in order to develop their own skills. Whether we’re working with business owners, sales leaders or people at early stages in their sales careers, we run bespoke training programmes covering sales skills, business planning, leadership, growth strategies and more to suit your individual requirements.

Sales training tailored to your needs

In today’s competitive market, staying ahead requires more than just basic training, so with our bespoke sales training programmes at Firestarter, we focus on developing the systems, skills and processes to ensure your company’s success.

It is important to remember that successful sales is a continuum, so we use our training expertise and proven tools to upskill you and your team to become ‘better at selling’, improving the sales methodology and processes in your business so there is a ‘best in class’ way of selling, not just now but into the future with next generation sales teams too.

Increase sales with high performance sales training

Our tailored solutions utilise proven sales training techniques to develop excellence in your sales team and ignite business growth. Our high performance sales training methods not only empower your team but foster a continuously evolving culture built around growth and self-improvement.

Understanding your business

Our approach begins with developing a true understanding of your business. We delve deep into your unique challenges and opportunities, and identify the best solution for your specific circumstances. Through this analysis, we lay the groundwork for our tailored solutions, utilising our expertise to deploy them successfully, identifying key areas for growth.

Aligning roles to your goals

It is vitally important to ensure that you have the right people doing the right things at the right time to drive sales success, so ensuring that your individual roles align to your overall business objectives is key in achieving sales excellence. This alignment is a cornerstone of our sales performance training, fostering cohesive teamwork and streamlined strategies.

Driving excellence

Our training goes beyond the ordinary, always aiming for exceptional results. We empower sales teams, from directors, managers to frontline sales representatives, using proven tools and techniques that extract the vital extra 5-10% performance from every team member. This intensive corporate sales training equips your team with skills to boost their confidence and capabilities.

Sustained growth

We analyse the individual proficiencies of your team and tailor our sales training programmes to bridge gaps effectively from your top performers to those who require additional support. This personalised touch ensures that every team member benefits, promoting a culture of continuous self improvement. Our sales performance training is not just a one-time boost but a sustainable path toward enduring success.

Why invest in a bespoke training programme?

By focusing your training requirement on your specific business needs, you will maximise your return on investment. All content will be tailored to the roles and experience level of your team, from those at the very beginning of their careers to highly experienced managers and directors. Training can be delivered in-person or online, and on timescales to meet your operational requirements and business need.

Any investment in training is an investment in your team, and you should rightly expect a return on that investment. Our bespoke training programmes are focused on the objectives that matter to you as a business leader, such as:

  • Improving your conversion rates
  • Developing new business, and building a sustainable sales pipeline
  • Increasing your revenue from existing client accounts
  • Enhanced sales tactics, such as pain-point selling, upselling, and cross-selling

The seven habits of successful sales people

A FREE resource for sales professionals and business leaders on building the right team to drive business growth.

Recruiting the very best talent is crucial for the success of your business. By putting the right people in the right jobs, business leaders will find that their teams can successfully operate independently, consistently go far beyond the extra mile, and keep their faith even in the darkest hours…

Bespoke Sales Training FAQs

What is bespoke sales training?

At Firestarter, we understand that every company is different, often facing unique challenges and targets. Our bespoke sales training programmes are designed in partnership with your organisation to address your specific needs, ensuring that your leaders and sales teams receive targeted, relevant, and effective training including key principles and processes to drive sales performance improvements.

What is your sales training process?

At the heart of our sales training lies a commitment to delivering training tailored specifically to your business needs, whether that is delivered online or in person, individually or in groups. Through this bespoke approach we reach the unique aims of each client we work with, ensuring an effective and targeted delivery of your training experience.

Do you provide bespoke sales training in-person or online?

What sets us apart from our competition is that we deliver our sales training both in-person and online to suit your individual requirements. We often visit our clients to deliver individual coaching and sales team training sessions as well as providing a comprehensive online training programme covering topics such as key sales skills, business planning and sales management techniques, ensuring full flexibility to suit your business needs.

Is bespoke sales training effective for improving sales performance?

Our bespoke sales training is expertly designed to ignite significant improvements in your sales performance. Over our many years of experience in the sales industry, both in large corporate and SME business environments, our expert sales trainers have tailored our training programmes to be not just effective but transformative for businesses, both SMEs and large corporations alike.

Are your sales training programmes suitable for my sales team?

Our bespoke sales training programmes by their very nature are designed to be adaptable and beneficial to a wide range of sales teams and sales leaders. Whether that’s for individuals, small sales teams or large teams of 100+ salespeople looking for standardised sales processes, improved sales productivity or support with  niche market sales, our training methods are versatile and tailored to your specific needs.

Do you tailor training for individuals with different experience levels in your sales training?

Our training programmes can be tailored for sales people operating in B2B or B2C markets, whether they are new to sales or are seasoned professionals looking for additional sales support, and are suitable for any industry sector. Please get in touch for a free consultation, where we will develop an understanding of your specific sales challenges and advise on how our sales training services can enable you to overcome them.

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Our training reviews

Firestarter provide very insightful and practical advice on how to grow my business. I like their no nonsense approach. They gave us much greater clarity and purpose to our sales process. Their seminars are also very useful indeed. I would strongly recommend them to any business wanting to scale up or create a clearer overall strategy for growth.

Shaun Uthup, Sozo Design

I’ve been working with Firestarter for a while now, they have really helped my business grow, both through their excellent forums and their academy training courses. Highly recommend.

Secret Source
Richard Clarke, Secret Source (Gran Canaria)

Working with Firestarter has been a joy. Their approach to driving sales and business development has been brilliant for my consultancy, helping to structure our approach to business growth. Our colleagues have taken part in the Firestarter Forums and The Academies and found both of these programmes to be informative, relevant, actionable and fun.

Doug Elliot, Founder of

I attended the virtual Firestarter business development programme and it was an extremely helpful tool to help boost further business and a great confidence builder! All Firestarter hosts and facilitators are very friendly and professional, creating a great environment to connect, develop and reflect.

Gabriella Pugh, Red Blaze

A really excellent course, great practical application presented in an easy to understand & good humoured way. I will be making changes to my sales process and approach shortly. Thank you.

Joseph Hirst, Sozo Design

The training course was very interactive and insightful. The one-to-one sessions were very useful. I met a lot of like-minded professionals who have made the experience even better by sharing their personal tips and tricks.

Nathan King, Addvantage Strategy

Was looking for a non ``shiny`` suit sales training for my team and Firestarter was recommended by a contact. Completely fitted the bill. Signed up 3 members of the team and looking to explore further training in the future.


Great sessions dedicated to specific topics in the Business Development industry. They were concise, interactive and thought-provoking. A great investment of time and money!

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Pablo Beattie, Cadventure

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