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Supercharge performance with targeted sales team training

We recognise that each sales team comes with their own set of strengths and individual needs to drive improvements. Our sales team training is designed to equip every team member, from new salespeople to managers and beyond, with the tools, techniques and skills necessary to consistently perform at the top of their game.

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Training teams

Empower your team with tailored sales training

Ignite your sales team’s performance through focused training that equips your team with the skills necessary to carry out their job effectively. With each individual salesperson often requiring tailored training to maximise their sales potential, our training guarantees that your team receives a personalised programme they need for sustained growth. Our training programmes includes elements of:

  • Prospecting for new business
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Overcoming sales objections
  • Negotiating and closing sales
  • Key account planning

Our sales training programmes are developed from many years’ of sales experience and tried and tested methodologies that will guarantee to get your team selling more.

Effective training for sales managers

We also provide sales managers with the tools and strategies necessary to guide their teams to success. Our effective sales management training goes beyond generic teaching tools and techniques, with our methodology focusing on empowering managers to lead and motivate their teams to achieve their targets.

Where the objective for any sales manager should be to get all sales team members consistently operating at or above target, with our sales management training, your sales managers will feel confident in implementing sustained growth strategies that ensure long-term success on a team level as well as at an organisational level.

Sales manager training

Fully bespoke sales training tailored to your business needs

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Sales team training for SME & corporate organisations

Our sales team training programmes are tailored for all businesses, so whether you’re an SME with a fledgling sales function, or a major corporate entity with a large sales team, we have the resources and experience to drive your growth.

SME sales team training equips your sales staff with the skills they need to succeed

  • Enhanced team sales performance
  • Improved lead generation and prospecting techniques
  • Increased team retention and talent development
  • Strengthened relationships with customers/clients

Corporate team training for larger, global sales teams with diverse needs.

  • Standardised sales processes across multiple teams
  • Increased sales productivity and performance
  • Consistent sales team engagement, retention and talent development
  • Improved reporting, analysis and utilisation of sales performance technology

Inside sales training solutions

By choosing to outsource your inside sales training, your team will learn the fundamentals of inside sales training as well as interacting with industry and product/service specific content that is tailored to meet the needs of your business. At Firestarter, your business goals are core to our offerings, through a blended approach of in-person training and e-learning your sales team will be catered to whether they work in-house or remotely. Other benefits of our inside sales training include:

Access to modern sales resources

Benefit from our cutting-edge training materials and resources that can be adapted to your specific business needs. We incorporate real-life/relevant scenarios to fully engage your team with modern selling, so they’ll always be ahead of the competition.

Regular performance reviews

By providing personalised feedback through regular performance reviews, your team will have the chance to celebrate successes as well as benefitting from our 1:1 coaching and mentoring, proven to enhance staff retention and development.

10+ years of sales training experience

As sales training consultants with over a decade of experience collaborating with numerous clients, our proven methods and resources ensure that the inside sales training you receive is sure to meet your unique business requirements.

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Sales team training FAQs

What kind of training is suitable for a sales team?

Where in some cases a standard sales training model may fall short, our tailored, bespoke approach enhances team performance by addressing specific needs and challenges, ensuring that training outcomes are aligned with overall business growth objectives.

How do you train and motivate a sales team?

Training and motivating a sales team can sometimes be a struggle, however, through regular coaching & mentoring, implementing a culture for growth, and providing rewards, incentives, bonuses, and perks, sales managers can create an environment that supports continuous growth to maintaining motivation and drive success.

Why is sales team training important?

Sales team training is crucial to prevent teams from falling behind and failing to meet targets. Without proper training, teams may struggle to adapt to industry challenges, leading to missed opportunities and decreased productivity. Investing in training ensures your sales teams are able to deliver and perform at their best.

Do you provide training for remote sales teams?

Yes, we offer training solutions tailored for remote sales teams. Whether it’s in-person, online, or remote training, our programs are designed to cater to the needs of teams operating in different locations internationally.

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Our training reviews

Firestarter provide very insightful and practical advice on how to grow my business. I like their no nonsense approach. They gave us much greater clarity and purpose to our sales process. Their seminars are also very useful indeed. I would strongly recommend them to any business wanting to scale up or create a clearer overall strategy for growth.

Shaun Uthup, Sozo Design

I’ve been working with Firestarter for a while now, they have really helped my business grow, both through their excellent forums and their academy training courses. Highly recommend.

Secret Source
Richard Clarke, Secret Source (Gran Canaria)

Working with Firestarter has been a joy. Their approach to driving sales and business development has been brilliant for my consultancy, helping to structure our approach to business growth. Our colleagues have taken part in the Firestarter Forums and The Academies and found both of these programmes to be informative, relevant, actionable and fun.

Doug Elliot, Founder of

I attended the virtual Firestarter business development programme and it was an extremely helpful tool to help boost further business and a great confidence builder! All Firestarter hosts and facilitators are very friendly and professional, creating a great environment to connect, develop and reflect.

Gabriella Pugh, Red Blaze

A really excellent course, great practical application presented in an easy to understand & good humoured way. I will be making changes to my sales process and approach shortly. Thank you.

Joseph Hirst, Sozo Design

The training course was very interactive and insightful. The one-to-one sessions were very useful. I met a lot of like-minded professionals who have made the experience even better by sharing their personal tips and tricks.

Nathan King, Addvantage Strategy

Was looking for a non ``shiny`` suit sales training for my team and Firestarter was recommended by a contact. Completely fitted the bill. Signed up 3 members of the team and looking to explore further training in the future.


Great sessions dedicated to specific topics in the Business Development industry. They were concise, interactive and thought-provoking. A great investment of time and money!

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Pablo Beattie, Cadventure

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