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About Firestarter

At its core, Firestarter is a sales-led organisation, and our entry point for any client conversation is “What has to happen to get this business selling more?”

The answer to this question can present itself in all sorts of ways, some simple, some more complex, but our extensive experience, comprehensive array of business tools and rigorous project management methodology mean we can find it in every circumstance.

We get straight to work by plugging in an extended team of specialists with the right skills, knowledge and experience to make your business grow. Our team extends from sales and marketing directors to business development managers, strategic leads, analysts and account executives – meaning that we have the resource to get the work done, no matter what level its at.

Putting Firestarter to work adds real horsepower to your business – get in touch today to learn more about where working with us could take you.

Who we work with

Since 2012, Firestarter has worked with over 100 different clients across a broad range of sectors to drive forward with:

  • Sales performance improvement
  • Growth initiatives
  • Change management
  • Organisational development
  • Operational efficiency
  • The removal of dependency on key individuals to make things happen.
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Our clients typically fall into one of two categories:

1. Smaller businesses

Smaller businesses typically turning over between £1 million and £5 million, who are looking to drive faster progress with their growth initiatives, implement a more structured approach to their sales activities, build stronger teams who can drive growth in new and existing markets, and remove any historic dependency on business leaders for revenue generation.

2. Larger corporates

Larger corporates who are looking to effect a change management programme in their growth strategies and sales efforts, but for whatever reason lack the internal bandwidth, skills or expertise to make this happen themselves.