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Practical business planning services and tools to give your business an effective framework for growth. Our team of trained experts plug themselves in to your business by understanding your goals and objectives to develop a comprehensive plan for your future growth.

Effective business planning services

At Firestarter, we’re often asked how businesses should use practical planning methods to drive business growth and prosperity…

We work closely with your business to create bespoke business plans that help you achieve your goals and drive growth. Our team of experts will work with you to develop a plan that aligns with your business objectives, goals and growth targets.

By using our years of experience, we’ve developed an understanding that every business has unique goals and growth aspirations, this experience helps us to create a plan that aligns with your overall vision for success.

For years this approach has helped many businesses like yours to achieve their goals by driving growth through our comprehensive planning strategies.

Five key business planning areas

There are many different themes and categories to focus on with planning, which can often lead to confusion and a sense that there’s too much to do. The key is to break everything down into smaller, manageable chunks – here are a selection of key areas to get you started:
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Planning horizons

While many people excel at short and long-term planning, they often struggle with the “messy middle” part of the planning process. By restructuring all your planning horizons into a logical journey, you can navigate this challenge and highlight what you want to achieve by different timescales to achieve success.

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Logical planning themes

At Firestarter, we help you break down your plan into relevant sections and themes based on your specific goals, such as finance, product, team, personal and so on. By selecting the themes that are most important to your business, we ensure to include the necessary key actions to move forward in each area and achieve business success.

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Connected actions

We help you understand the importance of the correct sequence when it comes to each of your business plan actions. Furthermore, by embedding rhythm and rigour into your business, we ensure that you and your team live the actions outlined in your plan.

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We strongly believe that when it comes to effective business planning, collaboration is the way to go! Effective planning always needs the right people to make it come to life. Firestarter works closely with your business to ensure that you are surrounded by people that provide support and accountability to execute your plan and take your business forward.

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Making it happen

At Firestarter, we understand the importance of not just creating a plan but living it. We can provide you with guidance on how to “keep your plan with you” and take a practical approach to achieve your goals. With our support, you can focus on taking the next step to bring your plan to life without overthinking it.

How Firestarter drives real world business planning

There are a number of key elements that we focus on at Firestarter to help you get the best out of your business planning and develop a growth strategy framework, including:

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Gripping your strategy

We understand that having a grasp on your business strategy can be overwhelming. That's why we help you to articulate your strategic intent to get started on your business planning journey. We work closely with you to ensure that your strategy is clear, concise, and achievable, so you can move forward with confidence.

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Understanding your products

With our extensive knowledge working with a wide range of SME and corporate solutions we can develop clear product strategies that will drive not only your commercial and financial thinking but also the whole basis of your operational business.

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Structuring your business for growth

Based on your commercial and operational goals, you need a very focused organisational development plan – this can be overwhelming with challenges relating to both existing and new staff. Firestarter help by stripping your organisation strategy down and rebuilding it by linking people to strategy.

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Knowing your numbers

We provide a real basis to run your business, we do this through bringing all your planning together into a practical and flexible financial plan to help forge the path to your aspirational targets.

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Embedding rhythm & rigour

By developing effective rhythm around the execution of your strategic priorities we help to link your long-term goals to short term activity and engage your whole team in this process. By ‘rhythm’, we mean establishing a strong, regular and repeated pattern of activity – be it meetings, review points or discrete tactical actions. By ‘rigour’, we mean a fit-for-purpose methodology for completing, reviewing and challenging the actions in your plan. By combining rhythm and rigour in the application of your plan, you’ll make sure the important things get done regularly and properly.

Need help with writing a business plan?

Translating a business plan into action

Don’t be afraid… but also don’t just plan and forget, build practical actions that you can execute.

At Firestarter, we understand that translating your business plan into action can be a daunting task. Our service can help build practical, executable actions to help drive your business planning forward. We identify the key actions that will have the biggest impact on your success, and then prioritise them to drive growth.

We offer expert guidance and support to keep you on track and focused on the most important actions that will move your business forward. With constant review, we ensure that your plan stays relevant and effective. Don’t just plan and forget – let Firestarter help you turn your business plan into action.

Getting away from planning paralysis

Start with short to medium term planning and get out of the ‘messy middle’ so that you can start delivering on actions quickly to focus on your longer-term strategic goals.

To find out more, why not download our guide on how to stop planning paralysis?

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