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Firestarter helps businesses sell more of whatever it is they sell, regardless of their size or industry. Our team specialises in identifying and addressing sales challenges, guiding companies towards increased sales success.

Our services complement those of other businesses and individuals, making us an ideal partner for anyone looking to boost their clients’ sales performance. We’d be delighted to work together to help make that happen. Become a Firestarter Introducer today.


portfolio of services

Enhance your portfolio of services

If you need access to highly experienced sales professionals ‘on tap’ to support projects on an ad hoc basis, or a more ongoing level of support, we can help.

shared growth

Your clients grow - you grow

Supporting your clients into sustainable business growth presents you with opportunities for account development.


Access new opportunities

You’ll have the confidence to bid for new opportunities, knowing we’ve got your back to support from a sales and marketing perspective.

introducer steps

A simple streamlined process

There are just four simple steps to becoming a Firestarter Introducer, designed to make introductions easy.


Passive commission income

We offer compelling referral incentives to our Introducers – terms and conditions apply.

Download our Partnership brochure

For full details of what our different types of partnerships entail, download our brochure. This handy document contains everything you need to know about the types of business we work with us, why they choose to work with us, how we work with businesses to grow their sales, and how we work with our partners.

Partnership Brochure

How to become a Firestarter Introducer

We’ve kept it as simple as possible for you to become a Firestarter Introducer – all we ask to get started is that you identify potential business contacts who you believe would benefit from how we work. Then it’s just a case of:

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Step 1: Introduction

The introducer partnership journey begins by setting up a meeting between yourself, Firestarter and your contact.

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Step 2: Exploration

If your contact wants to learn more, we’ll hold an initial exploration meeting to assess their challenges and requirements in detail.

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Step 3: Engagement

We’ll create a comprehensive proposal and execution plan, tailored to achieve the client’s specific objectives effectively.

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Step 4: Communication

As the project progresses, we’ll keep you updated with key milestones; plus we’ll pay any commission fees according to the agreed schedule.

Jane Findlay, Landscape Institute

"I took everything I had learned from Firestarter – particularly the "Vital Few" – to my work with the Landscape Institute. Our profession is good at investing in the tangible – kit, technology, professional skills – but less likely to spend money on skills for the business. But this pays dividends and I wish I’d known what I know now, 10 or 20 years ago!”

Introducer Partnership FAQs

Who can become a Firestarter Introducer?

There are no specific requirements to becoming a Firestarter Introducer beyond having a network of contacts which might contain individuals or organisations who would benefit from our services. In short: if you know a business with a sales or growth challenge, you can become a Firestarter Introducer.

What types of businesses can I introduce you to?

Any! We work with individuals, SMEs and large corporates, and we aren’t constrained to any particular geography or market sector. The businesses we work with commonly have:

A very high dependency on one or two key individuals, with limited delegation routes.

Ad hoc sales efforts, without effective systems and processes.

A stable base of operations – but a sense of frustration that they’ve not been able to reach the next level.

Is there any training or support provided for Firestarter Introducers?

Yes – we’ll take you through everything you need to know to become an effective introducer, and we have a suite of marketing materials available to support your activities if needed. However, our goal is to make the process as simple as possible for you – all we need is a quick introduction, and we’ll do the rest.

Is there a minimum number of introductions required?

No – there are no targets or minimum numbers associated with being an Introducer.

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