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Adding skills, experience and horsepower to help corporate leaders and teams deliver results

Providing added capacity and expertise to develop, lead and execute effective growth strategies and change management initiatives with a continual focus on delivery to ‘get things done’.

Developing, leading and executing effective sales strategies and change management initiatives with a continual focus on ‘making things happen’ through added capacity and expertise.

Our senior people at Firestarter have all got a lot of experience in working at the top tables of demanding, ever-changing corporate organisations, so we understand the day-to-day pressures that a corporate leader faces.

How Firestarter can help large organisations

We work with larger organisations that have successful, established sales and management teams delivering a consistent level of performance in known markets, typically selling in the £20m, £30m, £50m, and £200m+ turnover range. Their challenge is that they have an effective operation pointing in direction A, but at a strategic level they want to redirect their efforts in new direction B – and, for whatever reason (generally because they are too busy doing the day job, hitting this week’s, this month’s, this quarter’s numbers), they don’t have the internal bandwidth, skills or expertise to make this happen themselves.

Our Firestarter teams can draw on years of change management experience in similar settings, and generally it will be a journey we have been on before so we can shortcut many of the issues along the way. We’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t, so we can implement it quickly with our clients.

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What are the timeframes for this?

With our corporate clients, typically this redirection/change management tends to be project-based over 6-12 months, but often it can become a much longer-term intervention, especially when we get involved with coaching and training to build and nurture a next-generation management team. Either way, our clear focus on ‘firestarting’ – getting things going with the rhythm and rigour to ignite, inspire and sustain your strategic goals.

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