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Let us help take the strain of driving your business forward

Hands-on strategic and tactical support for your senior leadership team, individually tailored to give you capacity and clarity wherever you need it most. Our team will take the strain of driving your sales strategy forwards, giving you the capacity to focus on where your business needs you most.

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Senior leadership support for corporates and SMEs

We’ve been providing direct support to business owners and leaders since 2012, working closely with them to provide the right combination of senior leadership support to accomplish their growth aspirations for their business. We work with SMEs and large corporations across a huge variety of sectors – no matter what your product, service or target market may be, our highly experienced team of business experts has the knowledge, skills and resources to drive results.

At Firestarter we understand the challenges senior leaders face

There are lots of competing demands for your time
high dependence
Your team are highly dependent on you
delegating responsibility
Delegating responsibility for key tasks isn’t possible right now
You don’t have the data you need to make informed growth decisions
A lot of the responsibility for sales still sits with you
lonley at the top
It’s lonely at the top, with limited options to share thoughts and issues

Leadership support for when you need it most

Every senior leadership support project we work on is completely customised to meet the specific needs of each client, but there are some common themes in our approach:

We will add senior-level grip to your sales function, and take the strain of moving your sales strategy forwards – freeing you up to focus on other areas of the business.

We actually ‘do the doing’ by adding in experienced senior sales and marketing resource to your business to take responsibility for making sure that key activities get done, and relieving the pressure on you.

We’ll work with you to create the team of tomorrow – with the right organisational structure in place, we will help to take your business to the next level through bespoke leadership training.

Why invest in our senior leadership support?

By investing in senior leadership support with Firestarter, you are not only creating additional capacity to immediately grip and execute your sales strategy, you are also investing in the delivery of your long-term objectives. Not only will such a programme directly address any challenges you are facing right now, it will also:

  • Deliver new energy and focus to drive business growth.
  • Give your business the capacity to test new growth ideas using expert resources.
  • Help you create the organisational structure you need for the future.
  • Put in place the right business processes and analytics to drive strategic decision-making.
  • If applicable, support the business founder with their exit planning.

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Senior Leadership Support FAQs

What is senior leadership support?

At Firestarter, we treat senior leadership support as any combination of services necessary to support either an individual business leader or an entire senior leadership team in the achievement of their organisation’s sales objectives. We provide senior-level sales, marketing and business development experts to identify what needs to happen in order to create more sales, and then work directly with senior leaders to make it happen.

How do you deliver senior leadership support to businesses?

While every project is different, we typically work with clients for a period of at least six months. You will have access to a team of senior-level experts in in sales, marketing and business development for the duration of the project, with activity usually delivered as a blend of in-person and online, subject to your specific needs.

Do you provide senior leadership support in-person or online?

Both – while much of our work can be completed remotely, there are often times when in-person sessions deliver additional value throughout the project. We will advise on how we see our support being best delivered in your specific case at the proposal stage – please contact us if you’d like to learn more.

Will your senior leadership support help my business grow?

Our senior leadership interventions are based on one of the central components of our approach – we always start by asking what must happen in your business to create more sales and achieve your growth plans, and we are extremely experienced at rapidly identifying the challenges that need to be overcome and what work needs to be done in order to make this a reality. We do this by removing the internal dependency on business leaders, and by getting stuck in and working directly with you and your existing team.

Accelerating success with our strategic senior leadership support

Discover how our expert team provided invaluable senior leadership support to Fira Landscape Architect’s by building strategic growth plans and business resilience for a strong future within the architect industry.

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