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Boost your sales team’s efficiency and performance

Today’s sales environment is more challenging than ever, with informed buyers, complex sales cycles, and intense competition. To ensure your entire sales team can consistently achieve their targets, it’s crucial to equip them with the right tools, processes, and technology through modern sales enablement programmes that embed a sales-led culture and provides the best possible chance of success.

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What do we mean by sales enablement?

In short, sales enablement applies a focus on implementing a collection of practices which help take your sales team to the next level, developing a performance driven sales culture where the right salespeople are consistently selling in the right way.

At Firestarter, we do this by analysing the needs of your sales team and goals of your business to build a bespoke sales enablement programme that drives consistent performance improvements across multiple teams, geographies, channels and disciplines.

This drives long-term culture change, skills development and sales productivity improvements with consistent tools, training, resources and reporting across your entire sales team.

What does our Sales Enablement include?

Our B2B sales enablement solutions provide your sales function with a strategic approach for generating, nurturing and closing sales by developing a sales-led culture and empowering teams with the skills, tools, resources, and processes needed to excel in a competitive marketplace. It includes:

Bespoke sales training programmes

We plug our experts directly into your business, boosting your team’s selling capabilities with our sustained and organised training and assessment programmes to enhance sales skills, techniques, and industry knowledge, ensuring that your salespeople are always at the top of their game.

Sales Process Optimisation

We analyse your sales processes, identify areas for improvement, and develop a specific best practice model, unique to your organisation’s needs, to improve productivity and drive optimal sales performance throughout all sales teams.

Technology Integration and Adoption

We will integrate your new best-in-class sales enablement programme with your existing technological infrastructure, and work with you to identify additional platforms to help you generate even better results. These include sales intelligence platforms, CRM systems, automation tools, AI applications and dedicated sales enablement software.

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Increasing your sales team productivity

Struggling to increase your sales team's productivity and close more deals? Do you find it challenging to manage your sales pipeline effectively and ensure your team meets their targets? A sales enablement agency can provide the solutions you need, offering the tools, training, and technology to streamline your processes and drive consistent sales performance.

Digital sales enablement

Automate sales processes with technology

If your sales team isn’t equipped with the latest technology like a modern CRM system and automation tools, they can quickly fall behind in today’s fast-paced market. Without these tools, managing customer relationships, tracking sales activities, and personalisation become hard to handle and inefficient.

With our digital sales enablement expertise, we guide your team towards success by identifying the right combination of systems for your organisation. By making use of technology, your team can generate more leads, integrate high levels of personalisation to improve response rates, manage their individual sales pipelines more effectively and gain deeper analytics insights into their activity, ultimately improving their effectiveness and productivity.

B2B sales enablement

Accelerate revenue through B2B sales enablement

Our B2B sales enablement services are designed to accelerate revenue by building robust sales enablement frameworks tailored to your business needs. We focus on aligning marketing and sales to ensure a seamless customer journey, creating bespoke sales toolkits that support  your sales teams at different stages in the sales process and aid sales efforts. By integrating these elements, we empower your sales team to sell more effectively through multiple B2B sales channels, driving growth and success for your business.


Gripping your strategy with sales enablement content

By using in-depth analytics, we gain valuable insights into your target audiences and individual prospects, allowing us to tailor a sales content strategy that meets their specific needs and preferences. With this data-driven understanding, we equip your sales team with the right tools and content they need to sell more effectively. Our sales enablement content is designed to support your team at every stage of the sales process, ensuring they have the resources necessary to engage prospects, identify obstacles, negotiate effectively and close more deals.

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Structuring your sales team for success

We structure your sales team for maximum success by aligning employee roles to your business goals. Our approach begins with a thorough analysis of your business needs and objectives. By understanding these key elements, we can align individual roles within your team to these goals, ensuring everyone is focused on driving performance and achieving targets. This alignment is a core element of our effective sales enablement, as it ensures that each team member is placed into the right areas of your business  to contribute to the overall success of the organisation.

Increase sales productivity through sales enablement services

Through our sales enablement programmes, we delve deep into understanding your organisation’s unique sales challenges and goals, driving engagement and consistency at all levels from senior leaders to sales management and local ambassador communities with the right processes, metrics and sales-led culture.

What's included in our sales enablement programmes

High Level Strategic Support

Dedicated senior strategic support offers expert guidance, aligns sales strategies with company goals, and ensures effective execution, driving growth, innovation, and competitive advantage within the sales team.

Embedded Sales Culture

Create a culture that’s geared toward success. We help embed a sales-driven culture across all areas of your organisation, aligning values, behaviours, and practices to create an environment that supports sustained sales success.

Sales Training and Development

Continual sales training equips your team with essential selling skills, improves product knowledge, and enhances their ability to identify customer painpoints, leading to increased efficiency, higher conversion rates, and overall sales performance improvement.

Sales Data analysis

Performing a historic sales analysis helps identify trends, understand customer behaviour, and uncover areas for improvement, informing the entire pathway of your sales enablement programme to enhance future sales performance.

Sales Operating Model

We design a sales operating model that aligns all departments in your organisation to the overall vision of your sales enablement programme. This drives best practice by ensuring smooth operations, maximised efficiency, and consistency throughout your business.

CRM & Sales Technology Training

Is your team’s data management and use of technology holding you back? Our CRM & sales technology training helps streamline and automate your selling process by implementing best practices that get your team engaged with your CRM & sales technology.

Performance Analytics & Metrics

Get quality insights into your business to understand where to drive performance improvements. We will identify the data points which matter most to you, enabling you to identify trends, and make data-driven decisions that improve productivity and drive growth.

Local Ambassador Community

We build a strong sales, management and local ambassador community within your organisation, promoting peer to peer support, best practice and a unified approach that is driven at a local level to achieve sales excellence across multiple teams & geographies.

Sales Resource Library

A central repository giving your teams easy access to essential tools, materials, and information, helping them to be well-prepared, consistent, and efficient in their approach, leading to improved performance and outcomes.

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