Business strategy

Articulating a clear strategy for your business

We know that strategic planning can be challenging for business leaders – with so many competing demands on your time, articulating a business strategy to meet your long-term goals in a way which your entire team can understand, and more importantly buy into, represents a significant commitment.

Our highly experienced team use tried & tested tools and work with you to articulate and implement a strategy which delivers the results you’re aiming for.

business strategy

A clear, comprehensive and practical strategy for your business

Since 2012, we’ve worked with hundreds of different businesses to help them develop their business management strategy. Whether you are starting with a blank piece of paper and seeking to define your company’s vision, looking to agree your product and marketing propositions, developing a clearer picture of your numbers or agreeing a ‘vital few’ set of actions to engage your whole team with – we can help.

At Firestarter we understand that:

You might need help clarifying your vision and goals
lonley at the top
Simplifying complex ideas isn’t always straightforward
Your picture of the markets you are operating in could be clearer
Your internal culture might not be configured for long-term strategy
Internal inconsistencies make presenting a coherent strategy challenging
Limited resources can hold up strategic analysis and development

Why invest in your business strategy?

By working with Firestarter on your business strategy, you are making a long-term investment in the future success of your business. Think of your strategy as a map, with a course plotted for your future, and with every step towards achieving your goals clearly visible. Your business strategy will:

  • Give your entire business direction and focus.
  • Help you, and everybody in your business, make better decisions.
  • Improve communications and organisational alignment, across all of your teams.
  • Assist you in managing risks by identifying and mitigating them early.
  • Improve your bottom line by increasing your sales, improving your margins and boosting your profitability.

A business strategy that’s geared for growth

We work with both SMEs and large corporates to deliver comprehensive business strategies which are geared for business growth. While every individual project is different, we have three key differentiators which will make your strategy a success:

Crafting a winning strategy

We always start by asking what needs to happen to get your business selling more – and build the shape of your strategy around the answer to this fundamental question. Once it’s ready, we’ll work hand-in-hand with you to roll it out across your business.

Empowering strategic execution

We remove the dependency on you and your senior team to deliver the strategy – using our team, processes, methods and tools, we’ll take on the heavy lifting of market research, strategic marketing analysis, organisational structure and methodologies.

Long-lasting impact

We roll up our sleeves and get stuck in. Our team of business development, marketing and sales experts will work directly in your business to not only articulate your strategy, but to make sure it sticks creating a long-lasting impactful growth strategy.

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Business Strategy FAQs

What is business strategy?

A business strategy is a high-level plan which outlines how your business will achieve its goals. A successful strategy will include:

A clear vision and strategic intent for your business.

A set of realistic long-term objectives.

A thorough definition of your target markets, product strategy, and proposition. Detailed understanding of your numbers – most crucially your sales goals.

A manageable selection of ‘vital few’ actions which represent the steps your business needs to take to achieve its objectives.

Why is business strategy important?

A business strategy is like a map for your company. It tells you where you’re going, how you’ll get there, and helps you beat the competition. It makes important decisions easier, keeps everyone working together, and ultimately makes your company more successful.

How do you deliver a business strategy project?

We normally work with clients for a period of between 6 to 12 months. During this time, your Account Director will take responsibility for the overall delivery of your project, supported by a team of business leadership, sales, marketing and business development experts throughout the process. Our activity is typically delivered largely remotely, with a blend of in-person sessions – however, this is entirely subject to the needs of your specific project.

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