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A tried and tested selling process

At Firestarter, we’ve developed a tried and tested selling process that helps businesses improve their performance and drive growth. Our approach is designed to maximise efficiency, consistency, and customer experience, resulting in better outcomes for our clients.

The Firestarter selling process

So, what’s included in our structured sales process? First of all, we work on the principle of ‘rhythm and rigour’ – little and often, focusing on consistent activities at every stage in the sales process to ensure that salespeople know what to do to move prospects effectively through to successful conversion. Specific elements of this include:

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Prospecting is the foundation of successful sales, and our team is highly skilled at identifying and reaching out to potential clients. We use a variety of tools and techniques to identify new prospects, including market research, data analysis, and targeted outreach campaigns.

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Not every prospect is a good fit for our clients, which is why we place a strong emphasis on qualifying potential leads. Our team uses a rigorous qualification process to ensure that we only pursue opportunities that align with our clients’ goals and needs.

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We contact qualified leads in a professional and personal manner. We use a variety of communication channels, including email, phone, social media, networking and personal selling to engage with prospects and build rapport.

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Our structured approach to closing sales ensures that we’re able to convert qualified leads into paying customers effectively. We use a variety of techniques and strategies to overcome objections, build urgency, and finalise the sale.

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Building relationships

At Firestarter, we believe that building strong relationships is critical to the sales process. We invest time and effort into understanding our clients’ needs and building trust with them over time. This approach helps us develop long-term relationships that drive sustained growth.

Sales pipeline management

We define a sales pipeline as “An organised way of tracking multiple potential buyers as they progress through different stages in the purchasing process. It’s a way of tracking where prospects are in their journey from lead to (hopefully) customer; with a pipeline, salespeople and their managers are able to see exactly where their money, deals and other sales efforts are at all times.”

Managing a sales pipeline effectively is a key element in the sales process, providing a good basis for accurate sales forecasting and an understanding of future sales performance. At Firestarter, we focus on the tried and trusted concept of ‘zonal’ pipeline management, with different sales approaches for different stages in the pipeline, enabling salespeople and sales managers to ‘get in the zone’ and understand what is needed to move each prospect from one stage to the next. With a clear understanding of sales conversions, this also helps salespeople to work out the shape and ratios they need in their sales pipeline to achieve their sales targets.

If you’d like to know more about zonal pipeline management to manage your sales targets, get in touch with us today.

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