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Dedicated expert marketing support for your business.

Our fundamental purpose lies in getting your business selling more of whatever it is you sell. For many businesses, marketing has a crucial role to play in securing more sales.

An introduction to marketing outsourcing

We often find that business leaders really understand the needs of buyers in their markets from a product and service perspective, but don’t have internal skills or experience to raise awareness of their brand, reach potential customers effectively and differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

With a combination of strategic marketing leaders and experienced professionals, the Firestarter team can directly plug into your business, and quickly identify the right approach to get your marketing activity delivering meaningful results.

Why should I invest in outsourced marketing?

The fundamental purpose of marketing is to make customers aware of your products and services, engage their attention and focus, and ultimately help them make their buying decision. By investing in an outsourced marketing function, you will gain access to a team of experts who can:

  • Define your brand and set you apart from the competition
  • Increase awareness of your business with relevant audiences
  • Help you understand your customers and target markets
  • Plan, execute and analyze tactical marketing campaigns
  • Generate new business leads
  • Manage and monitor your social media channels
  • Work with the media and press on your behalf
  • Oversee and manage external marketing agencies and suppliers

Why choose Firestarter?

By outsourcing your marketing activity to Firestarter, you’ll be plugging in a team of experienced marketing professionals, following a clearly defined process to achieve your goals. Our team will:
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Reduce the dependency on you to drive forward marketing activity, and make sure the right things happen for you to achieve results.

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Rapidly deploy, test, and measure new marketing initiatives, to quickly identify the best go-forward strategy for your business.

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Introduce a reliable rhythm and rigour to your marketing activity, making sure that tasks don’t drift, and that real scrutiny is applied.

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Put a simple, yet powerful system in place for the management of marketing campaigns, with clear KPIs and reporting structures.

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Work to generate you more high-quality sales leads.

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Support you to structure and develop your marketing team of the future.

Tell us about your marketing challenges

Case studies

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Firestarter’s four years of working with Fira saw the business accelerate its business plan by 24-36 months…

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Providing the grip and experience to solve global sales challenges for Highwire Press…

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