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Putting Firestarter to work in your business adds real horsepower to your performance and ignites business growth

Our experience and expertise spans a broad range of areas that drive business growth, including:

Business planning

At Firestarter, we are often asked how businesses should use practical planning methods to move from survival mode into business growth and prosperity as they mature and develop into established businesses. One of the key issues to address is planning with confidence in order to deliver your goals; it is important to be decisive and make things happen. Most of the business leaders we work with understand these principles, but need our help with turning strategic thinking into practical and executable plans that can provide a framework for growth.

Growth initiatives

‘Great idea, but poor execution’ is a common issue we face, as business leaders struggle to deliver growth initiatives due to a lack of resource or internal expertise to execute properly. Often, existing teams are simply too busy doing their day jobs to focus on new initiatives, and new energy and focus is needed to drive growth. This is where the Firestarter model really adds value, by plugging in a dedicated team of experts ideally positioned to focus on driving growth.

Change management

Organisational change is a major undertaking for any business, but can often be necessary to drive growth, or even just to survive as we have seen in recent years. Two things that have always characterised the Firestarter approach are the ability to crystallise thinking at a very fast pace, and then switch from talking and planning to actually getting things done. Add that to our vast portfolio of tools, techniques and processes, along with a sprinkling of rhythm and rigour and you have the perfect recipe to drive change in your business.