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Firestarter is the horsepower of sales performance

Our experience and expertise spans a broad range of areas that drive sales improvement, including:

Sales enablement

Driving sales productivity and improved sales performance in large sales teams by structuring, organising and embedding long-term cultural and habit-forming practices to optimise the individual sales performance of each and every person in a team. With these programmes we focus on sales productivity – ensuring teams are sized, managed and evolved so that as many individuals as possible consistently perform at or above target.

Sales training

Helping business leaders and their teams develop essential skills and tactics needed to drive sales improvement with a range of practical and focused sales training courses. With training specifically tailored for business owners or senior leaders, sales people, account managers or people in customer relationship roles, we cover the fundamental skills and sales processes needed to become better at selling, with practical and hands-on tools and solutions that can be immediately implemented in live sales situations.

Sales processes

At the heart of any good sales engine is a tried and tested sales process that is consistently applied across the entire organisation. It is important to remember that selling is a continuum and discipline is key to ensuring that ‘rhythm and rigour’ is consistently applied – little and often – to ensure that sales prospects are managed effectively at each stage of the process to drive success. We focus on making sure that businesses manage their sales processes and pipelines effectively, focusing on robust systems and regular ‘inputs’ and activities to drive consistent performance.

Sales management

One of the key reasons why business owners work with Firestarter is because our work focuses on removing dependency on them to make things happen. We empathise with these challenges and over the years, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t – our experienced sales managers can identify what has to happen to get any organisation or business selling more of their product or service. By taking the pressure away from the leader, we will transform existing teams or build, train, motivate and manage a new, productive sales team that will deliver long term rewards.

Sales outsourcing

In our experience, business leaders often have great ideas and plans for sales growth, but lack the resources and internal skills to deliver results. Our approach at Firestarter is to ‘get stuck in’ and plug in the necessary resources to make things happen. Whether for senior level or more junior interventions, our team of experienced sales professionals will act as a sales team on your behalf, delivering tried and tested sales methodologies that deliver sales results and help to shape a sales organisation of the future.