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Maximise sales with our expert sales outsourcing services

Our expert outsourced sales team work closely with your business to understand your products, services, and target markets to add real horsepower to your performance and ultimately improve your sales.

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With our sales outsourcing services, you gain access to a pool of highly skilled and experienced sales professionals who are experts in B2B sales environments and understand the challenges, needs and goals of business leaders.

By choosing Firestarter as your B2B sales outsourcing provider, you can rest assured that your sales efforts will be in the hands of professionals who know what it takes to drive sales growth and are committed to delivering consistent sales activity – week in, week out.

Streamline your sales process with our expert outsourced sales teams

Our dedicated sales experts will quickly develop a full understanding of your products, services, and target market. Using tried and tested tools and techniques, we will optimise your sales processes and put our team to work on proactively selling for your business, helping you to understand what’s needed to build a high-performing sales team that drives results.

5 benefits
of sales

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Increased revenue

Our outsourced sales team has the knowledge and experience necessary to close more sales and generate revenue.

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By outsourcing sales-related tasks you can save money by bypassing expenses linked to recruiting, onboarding, and maintaining a full-time sales team.

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Access to specialised skills

Firestarter gives you access to new market possibilities and targets potential customers through our outsourced sales teams’ expertise and knowledge.

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By allowing you to expand at your own speed, our outsourced sales teams may easily ramp up or down to match your changing company demands.

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Enhanced efficiency

At Firestarter our sales teams are only concerned with making sales, we can simplify your sales operations and improve its procedures to work as efficiently as possible.

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The Firestarter sales outsourcing process

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1. Spark

We begin by understanding your key challenges, barriers to progress, then working out what needs to happen to make your business sell more.

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2. Ignite

To integrate with your team, we build action plans and develop proof of concepts for change with clear, tangible actions that drive progress and results.

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3. Grow

We create momentum by adding horsepower to your business with our own team of specialists, helping you to implement processes and actions with real rhythm and rigour to generate results.

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4. Sustain

Once we have fully optimised your sales function, we’ll continue working with you to make sure it continues working in support of your goals, with proactive sales management and dedicated outsourced sales resource embedded in your business.

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5. Flourish

With your sales in shape, our focus will shift to providing you with direct leadership support to develop longer term strategies to make sure your business achieves its vision.

Sales outsourcing FAQs

What is meant by outsourcing sales?

Outsourcing your sales is the action that companies take to increase their sales volumes without hiring or using internal resources to aid its sales team. By enlisting an external party, businesses delegate specific tasks or representation on behalf of their sales team.

Why is sales outsourcing important?

Sales outsourcing is important for businesses aiming to accelerate growth when internal capabilities are insufficient. It reduces costs, grants access to extensive experience and expertise, and eliminates dependency on key individuals.

How does sales outsourcing work?

Sales outsourcing works by hiring an outsourced company or individual to integrate or handle a business’s sales operation. Outsourced sales work in various ways, here at Firestarter we work by prospecting, generating new business leads, identifying opportunities with existing accounts, managing active sales opportunities, delivering an active pipeline of opportunities, and directly closing deals.

How much does it cost to outsource sales?

At Firestarter, we understand that each business is unique, and our sales outsourcing solutions are tailored to suit your distinct requirements. To get a comprehensive understanding of the cost and benefits specific to your company, we encourage you to get in touch with our experienced team.

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