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Combining strategic insight, experience and ‘hands-on’ project delivery to deliver marketing results

Our experience and expertise spans a broad range of areas that drive product and marketing improvement, including:

Marketing outsourcing

Imagine how more effective your marketing could be if you had access to a wide talent pool of experts in different specialist areas, all focused on delivery in line with your business objectives and flexibly resourced, enabling you to save money on your marketing budgets without compromising on results. Whether you have an existing marketing department or not, we can ‘plug in’ our Firestarter team to provide additional marketing support where you need it most.

Product strategy

A robust product strategy should always be at the heart of any business growth plan, ensuring that customers buy more of your products or services, now and into the future. At Firestarter, we have many years’ experience of developing ‘real world’ commercial product and marketing plans, ‘go to market’ propositions, new product and market launches, pricing strategies and other integrated marketing solutions that support your overall strategic goals and deliver real results.


A key element of the Firestarter proposition lies in practical ‘hands-on’ support to ensure marketing communications activities are delivered. Whether we are focused on email nurturing and automation, online marketing, social media or traditional personal selling, we have the experience, knowledge and network of skills and resources to develop and execute your communication plans, working to deliver your core sales objectives, from initial concept to systematic implementation and maximised results.

Digital marketing

Over recent years, marketing effectiveness has focused more and more on digital capabilities to drive sales. From online advertising to website design and search engine optimisation, social media and email outreach, the specialists at Firestarter continue to focus on what needs to happen for a business to sell more of whatever it sells, albeit through digital channels. What’s more, we focus heavily on performance metrics and reporting to ensure campaigns are delivering return on investment.

CRM and automation

In sales and marketing management, data is king and an effective system for managing data is even more important. Over the years, we have worked with many CRM and marketing automation systems for effective contact and pipeline management, campaign delivery and prospect/customer nurturing programmes. Whether you need a new system to be scoped and set up for your business, or you already have an existing CRM, our team will work with you to maximise its effectiveness to achieve your goals.