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Give your distribution team a boost with bespoke training

With 10 years of experience in helping businesses to sell, our distribution sales training drives business growth by giving your sales team that much needed boost. Our training is fully customisable, offering your business a truly bespoke programme that is specific to your industry and your business needs, ensuring that you get the most from your investment.


Hands-on training for your distribution sales team

The distribution and logistics industry offers its own set of unique and distinct challenges that require specialised training from providers who understand both sales and distribution. Our programmes are not only created with your business in mind, but are designed to address the specific needs of distribution, including:

  • Training your team on best practices to connect with key decision-makers.
  • Building and sustaining client relationships to maintain long-term client engagement to increase lifetime value.
  • We work with team leaders to help streamline complex sales processes that involve multiple points of contact.
  • Adapting to market changes by adjusting your sales strategies in response to economic fluctuations and industry demands.

Our distribution sales training programmes focus on developing your teams’ essential skills. Our deep understanding of the distribution and logistics sector ensures that our hands-on training will equip your sales team to consistently meet and exceed their targets.

Discover opportunities for growth

Our distribution sales training is not just about enhancing current performance – it’s about enabling growth and expansion. Whether you’re looking to acquire clients in a new country or expand your orders domestically, we work closely with your business and team to turn your goals into a reality. By improving sales techniques and strategies, we equip your team to:

  • Adapt to entering new territories with strategic entry market plans
  • Build and maintain international client relationships
  • Sales training for diverse customer needs
  • Implement CRM training for better lead management

"Firestarter provide very insightful and practical advice on how to grow our business. Their no-nonsense approach gave us much needed clarity and purpose to our sales processes."

Creative Director

Sozo Design

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At Firestarter, we develop bespoke sales training programmes for sales people and sales teams in businesses of all shapes and sizes, across a wide range of industries.

Whether you’re looking to sharpen up core selling skills
such as sales prospecting, pipeline management, negotiating skills, sales closing or if you’re keen to focus specifically on selling in different channels or industries, we’ve got a huge portfolio of sales training content that can be tailored to your individual needs.

Get in touch with us today and we can discuss a bespoke programme that’s perfect for you, your sales team, sales managers or even senior leaders.

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