Improving business performance with new focus, direction and an effective sales strategy

Cadventure is an architectural software and 3D print solutions company selling hardware, software and consultancy services to the architectural and construction industries, with offices in London and Cirencester.

Male employee working on computer in office

The challenge

Cadventure tasked Firestarter with increasing their sales performance and structuring their business for future growth by giving them new direction, product focus and marketing strategy.

We built an 18 month implementation plan based on getting the business back to growth. The overall aim was to increase turnover significantly in 12 months. The client embraced the full scope of the Firestarter proposition including:

  • Leadership coaching and culture change programmes
  • Sales training and toolkit production
  • People profiling and recruitment
  • Direct marketing, web development & graphic design
  • Business planning and data analytics
  • Management consulting and direction

The solution

We segmented Cadventure’s product lines and analysed the profitability and competitive advantage of each offering. We then aligned the culture and vision with the key goals of the business, giving the team targeted responsibilities and new focus. The team were restructured with clear reporting lines, targets and responsibilities and new team members were recruited to fulfil key sales and management positions.

The product lines were bundled and re-packaged with clear market segmentation and a new marketing communications strategy.

This included new marketing materials and tools such as a new website with full product information, on-line training booking system and additional resources. A combination of clarity and sales focus, along with a clear vision for the future resulted in considerable growth which exceeded the set targets of turnover and gross profit margins.

The result

“Firestarter has taught us to focus on working on our business, rather than in our business. They have given us instant access to skills and experience that we didn’t have before, and an improved focus which has increased our sales performance.”

Elaine Lewis, Managing Director