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Stay connected with your customers through CRM automation

Your customers are essential to the success of your business; CRM and Automation allow you to stay better connected to them than ever before.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and refers to a piece of software, technology or system that is used for managing all of the interactions and relationships that your company has with its customers and sales leads.

What are CRM systems used for?

CRM systems bring together all the data and information your company holds about its customer and sales lead relationships, including any contact details, calls, notes, emails, text messages, meetings, documents, quotes, purchase and tasks, and present it to you and your team in a way which makes it easier than ever before to track and manage.

Many modern CRM systems now include sales and marketing automation functionality. This allows you to easily configure your system to automate commonly occurring and repetitive tasks, which frees up staff time to focus on the actions where they can really make a difference.

How CRM automation helps to grow your business effectively

If you aren’t already using a CRM and automation system within your business, there are many benefits that introducing such a system would bring you:


Making sure you get the most out of every single business lead: the sad truth is that a large number of new business leads get wasted. They can be missed entirely, not followed up properly, or simply handled badly. By deploying a CRM system with Automation, you’ll be making sure that every single new lead is properly captured, and receives the standard of follow-up that you would expect.


Improving your customer service levels: CRM Automation systems allow you to stay connected to your customers, react quickly and effectively to their queries, improve customer retention, and generate additional sales.


Increase your sales and improve your bottom line: CRM Automation platforms are proven to generate real-world results, as they work to perfectly complement the efforts of your sales team. By introducing a CRM, you will be supporting an increase in lead conversion and sales, as well as faster sales decision-making and overall revenue growth.


Accurate and insightful reporting: CRM software includes the ability to view how your sales and marketing activity are performing, with easily understandable performance dashboards and automated reports. This simplifies a task that can often be extremely time-consuming and allows you to focus more on identifying and resolving any issues.


Bringing your sales and marketing activity together: CRM and Automation platforms allow your sales and marketing teams to work hand-in-hand and make moving potential new customers through your marketing and sales qualification processes extremely slick. By introducing a CRM and Automation system and utilizing it correctly, your sales and marketing teams will be totally aligned with your company’s goals and tactical objectives.


Superior visibility of your sales pipeline, giving you the ability to optimize your management of sales processes, proactively manage key accounts and accurately forecast future revenue.

Optimising your CRM and automation platform

If you already have a CRM and automation platform in place, you need to make sure that you are getting the very best out of it. As a business leader, it’s extremely important that you are completely clear about what you want your system to deliver for your business.

Some common business goals in relation to CRM automation are:
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Improving the quality of your customer service.

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Increasing sales, both from new and existing customers.

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Creating more efficient processes to allow team members to be more effective in their roles.

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Increased collaboration between your sales, marketing and customer service teams.

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Ensuring that customer data is properly stored and safely managed.

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Generating greater insight into your sales and marketing performance.

Whether you’ve only recently installed your CRM Automation platform and are just getting started, or have been using it for a while, taking the time to identify how it is performing for you alongside your other sales and marketing activity can be a hugely rewarding exercise with potentially significant revenue implications.

How can Firestarter help me with CRM automation?

In over 10 years of business, and having worked with over 100 different clients, our team have become hugely experienced in the deployment and optimization of a wide range of CRM and Automation platforms, and ensuring that they are used to their fullest possible extent by sales and marketing teams. We are not affiliated to any one provider, meaning we can provide you with honest, unbiased guidance on the best solution for your business, and our CRM Automation experts will be able to help deploy your system in significantly less time than usual.

Whether you are just considering deploying a CRM Automation system, and are looking for some friendly, unbiased advice on where to start with the bewildering array of solutions on the market, or if you have an existing system that you feel isn’t being used effectively, our team have the knowledge, skills and experience to make sure that CRM Automation becomes a powerful tool to support your business growth.

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