Five SME leadership lessons to remove the dependency on you

Smiling businessman and businesswoman high five at desk

At Firestarter, our client base falls broadly into two categories. The first type is the “large” corporates who already have established, sizeable sales teams but want to drive a new direction, break anew market or inspire a next generation of leaders. At its simplest this is “change management” coupled with a sizeable sprinkling of life- experience (journeys we have seen many times before) and the courage to short-cut the learning paths of those we are working with.

For the second type of client, those in the SME market-place, the journey tends to be a much more personal one for businessowners/ leaders who have realised they need a “leg-up”, significant additional horsepower or simply a skill-set which they realise they don’t have (or want) themselves and can’t afford to put in their business full-time. Most of these people have built their business on “passion” and a specific skill-set, but breaking through the glass ceiling of growth takes a different type of leadership which in most cases is too hard to deliver amongst the cut and thrust of the day-to-day goings-on.

In this guide, we’re going to concentrate on this group of people and share some of the findings of working with over 50 clients (and business owners) on long term contracts over several years. Please leave your details below, and we’ll email you a copy of the guide directly.

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