Firestarter have been featured in the latest edition of The Business Magazine Southwest and West Midlands, highlighting the contribution we have made to  the remarkable growth and success story of Caplor Energy, a fantastic family run renewable energy business that we have been working with for over 8 years. Caplor Energy’s rise from a family run farm in Herefordshire to a nationally recognised installer of renewable energy technology has been phenomenal, and we are very proud that  Firestarter Business Solutions has played a critical role in supporting that transformation.

Caplor Energy, led by owner Gareth Williams, is an example of how unexplored sectors can be the catalyst for innovation and growth. The article discusses the inception of Caplor Energy following first-hand observations of climate change in West Africa, the challenges of diversifying into a new emerging market place and its battle against the “solarcoaster” fluctuations in government support for the renewable energy sector, which inevitably affected Caplor’s customer demand.

Recognising the need for expert support and guidance during these times, Gareth Williams reached out to Firestarter Business Solutions. This strategic partnership turned out to be the turning point for Caplor Energy. Firestarter Business Solutions, known for our expertise in driving sales performance and implementing new processes and efficiencies, helped bring a wealth of knowledge and sales led skills to the table. One of the pivotal contributions we made was the expansion of Caplor Energy’s sales team. By bringing in new talent and expertise, we enabled Caplor Energy to adapt to the ever-changing market dynamics. The article emphasises how this growth played a crucial role in not only surviving the “solarcoaster” but thriving in it.

Moreover, we introduced streamlined processes and operational efficiencies that helped Caplor Energy to navigate the complexities of the renewable energy industry. These improvements allowed the company to better serve its customers and achieve consistent growth, even in the face of the difficulties involved when exploring a new volatile sector.

Butthe success story doesn’t end there… Caplor Energy’s achievements extend beyond its business performance. A significant shift in public attitudes towards energy and climate change provided fertile ground for their growth. The article highlights how Caplor Energy’s commitment to sustainability and the environment aligns perfectly with the evolving values of consumers, which has been further enhanced with recent B-Corp accreditation, one of the first renewable energy installers to achieve that status.

Perhaps the most compelling testament to Caplor Energy’s transformation is its ranking among the top 10 percent of UK renewable energy installers by volume of business. This achievement just shows how far they’ve come in their journey from a family run farm to a prominent player in the renewable energy sector.

In a world that increasingly values sustainability and environmental responsibility, Caplor Energy’s remarkable transformation, guided by the experienced team at Firestarter Business Solutions, stands as an inspiring example of resilience and adaptability. Their story serves as an example of hope for businesses navigating the complex and ever-changing landscape of sustainable energy. To read the full story you can do so herepages 34-36.

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