A Heartwarming Collaboration

Throughout September, Firestarter began proudly working with a Gloucestershire based, childhood cancer charity, called Emily’s Gift. Our Business Development Executive Daniella met the lovely Julie Kent at a networking event, after a brief chat they arranged a few one-to-one meetings where it became clear that Firestarter could play a part in supporting this amazing charity.

About Emily’s Gift

Emily’s Gift aims to raise £500,000 by March 2024, to sponsor a psychologist for children undergoing cancer treatment and provide support to their families at the Emily Kent Unit in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital’s paediatric oncology department.

The funds raised will guarantee the psychologist’s position for a decade. Presently, the unit accommodates more than 30 children undergoing cancer treatment, including those in remission who require regular scans. The psychologist’s role is vital in offering much-needed emotional support to these children and their families.

Emily’s Gift was setup in 2023 by Julie Kent whose daughter Emily, tragically passed away due to childhood cancer. Everything that Julie does with Emily’s Gift is for Emily and the hundreds of children and their families that are affected by childhood cancer.

Firestarter team posing for Emily's Gift charity photo

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

With September being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we wanted to raise awareness and show our support in the best ways we possibly could. We firstly decided to host an in-office event where the team all wore our Firestarter x Emily’s Gift branded t-shirts as well as decorating the office in all thing’s gold as part of the GO GOLD for Emily’s Gift in September campaign. Throughout the day we provided full social media coverage of the event as well as our team members Daniella and Peter taking part in creating a smoothie through the power of Clare Louise Freeman’s cycle’o’smoothie machine.

However, the fundraising didn’t stop there, the following day our Managing Director Chris O’Riordan and his brilliant Accidental Brass Collective brass band performed at the Holy Apostles Church in Cheltenham. During the interval wine was provided free of charge to the guests, in exchange a small donation was kindly welcomed in support of Emily’s Gift. The in-office event was a great success for Firestarter and Emily’s gift with a total of £348 raised!

Our journey continues on December 8th. Where we will come together to raise awareness for Children’s Cancer and Emily’s gift. December 8th holds a special place in Emily’s story, as it marks the day when Julie had booked a routine scan, only to receive the life-changing news of the extent of Emily’s illness.

So please join us December 8th as we continue our mission to support such an important cause💜🌸

If you would like to donate you can at the button below!

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