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Give your sales team the confidence to generate leads and close more deals

An investment in Firestarter sales training is an investment in the long-term success of your business. By combining our experience as high-performing sales professionals and with our love of playing a role in developing sales talent, we have created a fully featured suite of training programmes designed to get your team selling more of whatever it is they sell.

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B2B Sales Training

Our results-driven B2B sales training is designed to provide sales teams with the skills, strategies and empowerment necessary for them to succeed in todays competitive business-to-business landscape. Our B2B training covers aspects from prospecting to lead generation and closing. We use a combination of fully interactive workshops, real-life scenarios and personal coaching and mentoring to equip your team with the confidence to drive business revenue.

Bespoke Sales Training

We provide Bespoke Sales Training for businesses of all sizes, whether you’re an individual requiring a helping hand with business planning, an SME looking to develop a structured business development function or a large corporate entity where a focus on longer term sales training programmes is necessary, our tailored training programmes are designed with your needs in mind to drive growth and ignite sales excellence within your organisation.

Sales Team Training

Specifically for sales teams and sales managers, our Sales Team Training is focused on offering every team member the tools, techniques and skills necessary to consistently perform at their absolute best. We are able to cater to small and large teams so whether you’re an SME with a small sales team or a major corporate with large sales teams around the world, we have the expertise and resources to drive your growth. Learn more about our Sales Team Training by clicking below.

Sales Training FAQs

Who is your sales training suitable for?

We can prepare sales training courses that will be of benefit to anybody, regardless of their level of experience or specific role within your business. We often find that sales training can be of significant benefit to members of your team who have no direct responsibility for selling, as it will give them an insight into selling tactics and processes that will allow them to better support your sales team.

During our initial consultation, we will learn more about your team and use this insight to tailor our approach.

What sectors can you offer sales training for?

Our sales training is suitable for anybody operating in both B2B and B2C markets, and in any specific industry or sector. Over the last 10 years, we have worked with more than 100 different clients across an enormously wide range of sectors, and we are always able to adapt our materials to ensure they are relevant to your industry and its specific features.

Do you offer training internationally?

Yes – we have worked with companies and teams from outside the UK, and for international businesses where it has been necessary to deliver a consistent sales methodology and approach across multiple geographies.

How many people can you deliver training to at a time?

We do not operate under any set limits for how many people we can train at a time, but we will make recommendations based on your specific requirements and the size and structure of your team.

Who delivers your training?

Our training is delivered by sales leaders who are all able to personally demonstrate exceptional sales performance throughout their careers and are passionate about passing on the benefit of their skills, knowledge and experience to others.

Does your training take place in-person or online?

We are happy to deliver training both in-person and online, subject to your specific requirements.

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Our training reviews

Firestarter provide very insightful and practical advice on how to grow my business. I like their no nonsense approach. They gave us much greater clarity and purpose to our sales process. Their seminars are also very useful indeed. I would strongly recommend them to any business wanting to scale up or create a clearer overall strategy for growth.

Shaun Uthup, Sozo Design

I’ve been working with Firestarter for a while now, they have really helped my business grow, both through their excellent forums and their academy training courses. Highly recommend.

Secret Source
Richard Clarke, Secret Source (Gran Canaria)

Working with Firestarter has been a joy. Their approach to driving sales and business development has been brilliant for my consultancy, helping to structure our approach to business growth. Our colleagues have taken part in the Firestarter Forums and The Academies and found both of these programmes to be informative, relevant, actionable and fun.

Doug Elliot, Founder of

I attended the virtual Firestarter business development programme and it was an extremely helpful tool to help boost further business and a great confidence builder! All Firestarter hosts and facilitators are very friendly and professional, creating a great environment to connect, develop and reflect.

Gabriella Pugh, Red Blaze

A really excellent course, great practical application presented in an easy to understand & good humoured way. I will be making changes to my sales process and approach shortly. Thank you.

Joseph Hirst, Sozo Design

The training course was very interactive and insightful. The one-to-one sessions were very useful. I met a lot of like-minded professionals who have made the experience even better by sharing their personal tips and tricks.

Nathan King, Addvantage Strategy

Was looking for a non ``shiny`` suit sales training for my team and Firestarter was recommended by a contact. Completely fitted the bill. Signed up 3 members of the team and looking to explore further training in the future.


Great sessions dedicated to specific topics in the Business Development industry. They were concise, interactive and thought-provoking. A great investment of time and money!

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Pablo Beattie, Cadventure

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