How to Achieve Business Growth

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A business that remains static is losing ground. Building momentum, anticipating future challenges, fine-tuning performance and keeping one eye on the horizon is vital to ensure your company scales up successfully. But between the day-to-day demands of running a business, it can be easy to tread water, act on impulse instead of strategy – and be overtaken by rivals.

You find many business growth consulting firms offering conflicting advice – but none can match Firestarter’s authority and experience. For over 10 years, our business growth strategy consultant team and business development courses have given companies in every sector the people, skills and tools to scale up smoothly. From embedding a hands-on team in a multi-national corporation to putting a small business growth consultant at your disposal, we’ll tailor our approach to your individual needs.

Before you get in touch, here are some ideas to spark business growth.

Go beyond the survival mindset

During Covid-19, it’s easy to cling to well-worn tactics and wait for the storm to pass. But as Firestarter’s Managing Director Chris O’Riordan stressed in this recent podcast, it’s vital to use this unprecedented time to plan a proactive growth strategy: spotting opportunities, anticipating challenges and pivoting company-wide working practices. As leading business growth consultants in the UK, Firestarter’s service starts with a deep company analysis to identify the key challenges preventing your growth – from team structure to skill-set or internal processes – and show you the smartest path to the next level.

Plan a clear and connected growth strategy

Often, growth planning is a vague footnote at an unfocused meeting. But to achieve sustained business growth, it’s vital to commit, exploring the five key areas that you’ll discover when you speak to a Firestarter business growth strategy consultant. We’ll introduce you to a range of tried and tested planning tools and techniques that will help you set targets for different horizons, from immediate day to day issues to longer-term timescales, and show you how to keep teams focused by breaking your strategy into logical planning themes (from product to people and personal goals). Meanwhile, we’ll help you master the connected actions that ensure a smooth expansion, show you how to harness the collaborative energy of teamwork – and give you the tools to put all this planning into action.

Build your team to match your business growth goals

Your people are the ultimate engine for business growth, but success hinges on first identifying the roles and skills required, then sourcing and retaining the talent to fulfil them. As expert business growth consultants in the UK, Firestarter can guide you through the process, from analysing your P&L sales lines and identifying gaps, strengths and weaknesses – to building a unified team with a coherent vision. Talk to a Firestarter business growth strategy consultant and we’ll show you how to harness your people power.

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Don’t be afraid to pivot your growth strategy

Now more than ever, it’s vital to adapt to your industry’s shifting landscape. When you work with Firestarter’s experienced business growth consultants, we’ll introduce the ‘rhythm and rigour’ concept at the heart of our service, showing you how to fine-tune and refine your growth category as global and sector events unfold – while eclipsing the rivals that rely on kneejerk short-term planning. Chatting to a Firestarter business growth strategy consultant today is the first step in a business evolution that should never end.

Choose the right Firestarter service for you

At Firestarter, we don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’. As such, when it comes to achieving business growth, we’ll provide the service that suits you, whether that means embedding our experts in your company to establish a new growth strategy, deploying specific tools and processes to address individual challenges or taking the pressure off key individuals with a small business growth consultant who spots opportunities and defuses challenges.

Ultimately, when it comes to business growth, knowledge is power. As such, alongside our consultancy services, Firestarter is pleased to offer our business development courses from the Firestarter Academy, giving decision-makers the tools, knowledge and insights to drive sustained growth. With tailored one-to-one or group sessions led by an experienced business growth strategy consultant, you’ll embark on a five-module course that gives you everything you need – signposting a clear path to business growth, now and in the future.

Firestarter’s experts are ready to grow your business. Get in touch today and let’s get started.

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